RWF/RAF: the 4th Stinky Bear pamphlet

2015-01-15 11.07.38

“Sarah Crewe and Pascal O’Loughlin have created a Meinhof/Fassbinder textual face-off that will blow your mind and may just liberate your sorry, sorry ass”–Rainer Maria Rilke

RWF/RAF : text by Sarah Crewe and Pascal O’Loughlin ; images by Linus Slug.Pamphlet : 18 pages ; 21 cm. Pre-order available now, release date 02/02/2015. Copies available at the launch!

Launch Reading  : 7.30 pm 30th January 2015
Maloko, 65 Camberwell Church Street
London SE5 8TU

Also featuring slots from the Marlenes to our Petra: Chris McCabe, Mendoza, Camilla Nelson, Mick Weller.

Delicious veggie food available on premises. Bring your own booze if that’s what floats your own boat of Teutonic love and despair.


3 thoughts on “RWF/RAF: the 4th Stinky Bear pamphlet

  1. The paypal buttons don’t seem to be working for me. Is there an email address that I can send £6 to (UK address) via paypal instead?


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